Science: Atmospheric Aerosol Source -Receptor Relationships

Atmospheric Aerosol Source-Receptor Relationships:
The Role of Coal-Fired Power Plants

Allen Robinson, Spyros Pandis, Cliff Davidson
Carnegie Mellon University
, Pittsburgh, PA

This is a report by Department of Energy (DOE), published in 2000. It looked at sources of fine particulate (see pie chart below) to determine the total contribution of a coal-fired power plant (see Red pie section) at a monitoring station on the Carnegie Mellon Campus. See the yellow star on the campus picture for location of the site.

The red piece of the pie looks similar in size to the pink pie section for truck emissions. Wood burning (aqua section) creates more fine particulate than the coal power plant and trucks combined. The report shows that wood smoke, as a source of fine particulate, is equal to any of the other sources in the area.

Note that it is a campus area where one would not expect a local source of wood smoke. (Full Report) pdf


This is Chart 24 from the report..

This is Chart 15 of the report.

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