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Home Built Baseboard Tubing Solar Panel system

commissioned at my residence, in Longmeadow, MA on 6/18/07 (1/11/05 date on photos is not correct), courtesy of Curt Freedman

[Also see Curt's "An Engineer's Perspective on Heating with Solid Fuels"].

The panel is constructed with:

  1. plywood;
  2. >2x6’s;
  3. bare element baseboard tubing;

The system design is similar to conventional thermal design utilizing propylene glycol and an external plate heat exchanger connected to a pre-heat tank. 

The goal of this technology is to provide thermal solar technology to “handy” homeowners at dramatically reduced out of pocket expense to allow renewable energy to be more economically accessible.

 A complete system with two 4’x8’ panels and a 50 gallon storage tank estimated to cost under $2,000 with an after tax credit cost of $1,200.


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